High Performance Dyno Testing Utilizing AWD Dynapack Hub Dynos

ANY VEHICLE Capability

Our dyno adapts to almost any vehicle. Car, truck, sandrail, and more. Because the wheels come off to dyno there's almost never a problem. Just bring your wheel lock key and let's get started. We also handle AWD vehicles!

ENGINE Friendly

A hydro dyno is the best and one of the safest ways to test and/or break in an engine. Because of the precision and control, the load can be infinately adjusted so we can test your engine under various conditions quickly and easily.

LIVE Read-Outs

Instanly see in 'real-time' your Horsepower, Torque, Boost & more onscreen during testing. No waiting for calculations or printouts! You can see exactly what your engine is making the instant it's making it. That's precision!


Take your results with you. We can provide paper and/or digital printout of all our dyno results so you can have an exact performance analysis of your engine. We even backup and store your files in case you lose your copy.

Authorized Dealer

Authorized Dealer

Xact Dyno is an authorized dealer for a variety of manufacturers. We stock an assortment of performance products ready to go. If we don't stock it we can have it in a day or two. For more info contact us.

  • Hondata
  • Adaptronic
  • AEM
  • HP Tuners
  • Ktuner
  • Mega Squirt
  • Neptune
  • Nistune
  • Open Source
  • UniChip
  • UpRev
ECU Software

Software ECU Experts

We have expertise in and utilize a variety of ECU testing software packages. Years of testing experience means there is perhaps no system we haven't used. And that expertise gets you the best tune out of your ECU.

  • EcuFlash
  • Haltech
  • Holley FI
  • Link
  • MEFI
  • Motec
  • MSD FI
  • Power Commander
  • Power FC
  • Rom Raider
  • Stinger

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Discover The Precision and Performance Only A Hydraulic Dyno Can Provide

Our Start

Xact Dyno was formed in 2003 with the purchase of Arizona's first hydraulic dyno from Dyna Pack in New Zealand. This type of dyno opens up a whole new realm of testing possibilities, letting us tune like the OEMs tune since an engine dyno is also a hydraulic dyno.

Our Vision

We strive to focus on one-thing: performance testing. We do this because it is our belief that focusing on one thing allows you to do it exceptionally well. We don't do installs, however, we'll be glad to handle small parts installs like injectors, WideBand O2 sensors, and other testing items as they are part of the testing process.

Acura on Dynamometer
Acura on Dynamometer
Acura on Dynamometer

Our Work Through The Years

Over the years we have tuned an impressive amount of vehicles. Some small, some large, some with extreme horsepower.

Have a look through our years of testing by browsing our portfolio of images.

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